About Us

“Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.”

“Oneness being in a unified state, though comprised of more than one part.”


At Well Beings, LLC we will provide programming centered around the principles of mindfulness and oneness to promote mind, body, and spirit wellbeing in every life we touch. 


Additionally, we are sensitive to how various aspects of our lives impact our

health and well-being and honor everyone’s unique and personal journey.

We also emphasize personal responsibility for achieving and maintaining wellness. Much of the programming for adult participants will be restorative, developed to bring them to back to overall wellbeing. The youth programming will be centered around pro-action and prevention.


Our goal is to cultivate, nurture, and restore well beings for now and for the future. 


The mission of The Well Beings NFP is to erase the disparity in wellness of the melanated community through Lifestyle Medicine.  We strongly believe that a well lifestyle can treat, act as a preventative measure, and possibly reverse chronic illnesses that have plagued our culture.  Things like basic nutrition, physical activity, and adequate rest all improve wellbeing and don’t require a prescription.  It is our goal to work with individuals and families to create practical wellness lifestyles.


End Game

Mental Wellness

To provide solutions that are cognitive based geared towards making sure your mind is in order and able to function in your best interest.

Physical Wellness

To build a community that promotes the importance of maintaining a healthy quality of life.  Supporting efforts to maintain an

active lifestyle that allows you to get the most out of each day without undue fatigue or physical stress.

Spiritual Wellness

To teach the community the five characteristics of wellness.  The characteristics of meaning, value, transcendence, connecting 

and becoming (the growth and progress in life) one to live a life consistent with his or her's own belief and moral systems, while we establish our feeling of purpose and find meaning in life events.