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The holidays are here and it is supposed to be a time of friends, family, food, and fun. However, the holidays can be also be completely overwhelming for some of those same reasons. The decision of whether you are going to still have small family gatherings, spend the time alone, stay true to your wellness goals, etc can weigh heavy on the heart and mind. Here are some tips to help when you start to feel overwhelmed.

Fitness: Stick to your routine. If the holiday is also a regular workout day, still workout! Switch the time or invite friends/fam to join if you need to but get it done.

Nutrition: Be one and done. Whether you choose 1 serving, 1 plate, or 1 day to indulge let that be it. No more. Have your splurge and then get back to your healthy habits.

Well Being: Focus on the opportunities and not the obstacles of the holidays this year. You may be limited in the number of people you can physically be with. However, this year presents a great opportunity to gather with friends and family, near and far, virtually! ZOOM has announced that for Thanksgiving day there will be no 40-minute limit! You can hang out out with your peeps all day. And the best part of that is if they start getting on your nerves you can claim a bad connection and drop off! LOL!

Remember, life in general, but particularly the holidays are meant to be a time of joy not anxiety. Things don’t have to be perfect; life rarely is. Do your best to enjoy the moment and make memories.

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